First Congressional District Vice Chairman, Craig Bowser, is opposing the Kansas Republican Party Rules Committee’s proposal to eliminate key officials from the GOP state executive committee.  The proposal would remove Attorney General Kris Kobach and Senator Roger Marshall, as well as representatives of college, minority, and women’s Republican organizations from the leadership of the Republican Party.

In a public statement, Bowser said “The Kansas Republican Party is a big tent party, and removing the voices of so many Republican activists and elected Republican officials is damaging to the Republican brand locally, statewide, and nationally. The Republican party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and we’ve always attracted people with our universal messages of faith and freedom.  I stand with our state party chairman and the district chairs who have requested that the rules committee rescind its recommendation to change the rules and eliminate this vital representation from the executive committee.”

Bowser, a native of Jackson County, is running for the State Senate in District 1.